Fun, Innovative, Considered

At Quiksilver, we believe boardriding is a universal source of fun, freedom and natural energy, so powerful it transforms lives. From the mountain and the wave to the streets, we infuse art with performance and performance with art, to create premium products and experiences for everyone out there who is like us : RESTLESS FOR ADVENTURE


Although it started as a humble boardshort company, Quiksilver is now a global boardriding lifestyle brand. However, our vision remains unchanged: To create products that inspire people to get out there and have fun. These days, that means a diverse offering including a complete clothing collection, mountainwear, accessories, eyewear, watches, footwear and wetsuits.


The Quiksilver Womens collection was launched to share the brand's energy and attitude with all genders. It was well-received around the world and quickly became a staple in wardrobes from the streets to beach.


Celebrate the past. Innovate the future. Live in the now. That's been Quiksilver's motto since the beginning. In 2019, the brand celebrated its 50th birthday by doubling down on the next 50 years of adventure.


After recycling over 100 million plastic bottles and turning them into products, Quiksilver receives a Champions Of Sustainability Award from Repreve. The brand uses the award as inspiration to keep doing better.


After years of research and development, Quiksilver releases the AirLift — a vest that utilizes carbon-dioxide cartridges to help bring the wearer to the surface in big wave hold-downs. The AirLift quickly becomes a staple at the world's premiere big waves.


Rio Waida wins the Quiksilver Young Guns Surf event against the best 18 and under surfers in the world. Rio was the first Indonesian ever to take top honors, which speaks to the international scale of modern surfing.


Candide Thovex releases “One of Those Days” clip. It quickly goes viral and becomes one of the most played skiing videos on YouTube with over 5 million views.


Travis Rice breaks the mold of snowboarding movies and releases “The Art of Flight." The film captures the attention of the mainstream and earns the reputation of being a gamechanger.


Quiksilver Winter Sports Division emerges with snowboarding apparel and hard goods designed for high-performance enthusiasts.


Quiksilver launches The Crossing, a seven-year expedition that circumnavigated the globe to find surf, engage with local cultures and conduct scientific research on the health of coral reefs. It travels to over 56 countries and discovers more than 115 new waves.


Quiksilver Mountainwear is born when dead inventory from boardshort fabric is sewn together to create jackets for a few of the employees. After seeing how much interest this creates on the mountain, this idea expands and becomes a full offering of boards, boots, bindings, accessories and outerwear.


Quiksilver throws a curveball to surfing’s World Tour by holding a contest at G-Land. The event becomes instantly iconic. Surf travelers are inspired to broaden their horizons and the concept of a Dream Tour is born.


Kelly Slater signs with Quiksilver and goes on to win 11 World Titles, revolutionizing the sport. Quiksilver begins manufacturing wetsuits that same year.


Quiksilver and Tom Carroll make surfing history when the 2x World Champion signs a new contract. Not only was it professional surfing's first million-dollar deal, but it was also the industry's first exclusive head-to-toe agreement.


Harry Hodge, Jeff Hakman, Brigitte Darrigrand and John Winship are granted the license to manufacture and distribute Quiksilver throughout Europe.


Quiksilver introduces Echo Beach boardshorts featuring radical print designs with polka dots, harlequins, stars and checkers. As a result, a generation of bold surf fashion is born.


Jeff Hakman and Bob McKnight granted the license to start Quiksilver USA in Newport Beach, California.


Alan Green and John Law create the first-ever pair of Quiksilver boardshorts in Torquay, Australia. A dream comes to life.


Boardshorts / Wetsuits / Mountainwear / Apparel & Footwear / Accessories watches eyewear

In 1969, Quiksilver came to life via some fabric, a sewing machine and a bold idea. The goal was to create a product that enhances and inspires a lifestyle. And the result was a pair of boardshorts that was unparalleled. Since then, we’ve held onto the same goal and produced the same results. These days, Quiksilver leads the field in wetsuits, outerwear, apparel and of course, boardshorts.

We believe in pushing boardriding forward — in terms of both culture and performance. To do that, we partner with individuals who share our values and our vision. From legendary World Champions to up-and-coming groms, the international Quiksilver team embodies what being a boardrider is all about. On land. In the water. Everywhere, all the time.